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birchlane windows and door

Not your average supplier.

Everyone has a story, and Birchlane Windows & Doors is no different. Owned by Grant Williams, Birchlane Windows & Doors (or BWD for short!) isn’t your run-of-the-mill supplier.


Let’s get the boring, but important stuff out of the way first. Grant has been in the window industry for over 25 years. Like most young bucks, Grant started his career as a helper, became an installer, and was eventually promoted to positions like crew leader, service technician, site supervisor, site foreman, manager, salesperson, and finally, territory manager! If it has to do with the window and door biz, he’s done it (maybe except fabricate the glass!) His impressive resume spans companies across Ontario that are big and small, independent and corporate. From new construction of massive multi-unit buildings to small renovation projects, Grant has experience in every nook and cranny of the windows and doors ecosystem.


Now that the boring, but important stuff is covered, we’ll dive into to the more interesting tidbits. Grant was in the Canadian Armed Forces, serving with the 1st Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, stationed in Calgary; during his time with the military, he had the opportunity to complete NATO exercises in Norway and trained across Canada. Grant credits his military experience to his ceaseless work ethic and dedication to whatever he puts his mind to.


Speaking of being industrious, Grant has been farming for ten years. He has raised sheep, chickens, cattle, rabbits, pigs, turkeys and goats. All the animals are raised using humane methods and have the run of the land. When you stop in, make sure you drive in slowly, as there’s bound to be dozens of chickens, ducks, and other creatures milling about! It doesn’t get any more free-range than Birchlane Farms. And don’t forget about Ellie – his trusty canine sidekick and BWD’s mascot! Ellie will make sure to greet you at your car door, and she will make sure you won’t get away without giving her lots of pets.


When you chat with Grant, you may wonder where he learned the art of listening (like, really listening) to what you are saying. As it turns out, Grant was a chaplain at RVH in Barrie, as well as at the Penetanguishene super jail. So, when you meet with Grant and describe your vision, you won’t have to worry about whether or not he was listening – we assure you that he was!


Grant lives on a farm in Duntroon, Ontario with his wife Juanita. Together, they have two grown daughters named Megan and Amanda, and four grandkids. As a family, they value community, supporting local business and providing superior service to their clientele.

Ellie, BWD's most loyal employee
Ellie - BWD's most loyal employee
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