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birchlane windows and door

The Canada Greener Homes Grant: A Step Towards an Energy-efficient Future

This initiative has been introduced to provide grants for home evaluations and retrofits to $5,600 per participant or homeowner. Participants are eligible for up to $600 towards the cost of pre-and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluations performed by licensed service organizations only at homeowners' request. The eligibility for the retrofit grant of up to $5,000 is based on the assessment results. Retrofits such as home insulation, windows and doors installations, air sealing as well as energy-saving mechanical and renewable energy systems are covered under this grant.

Learn more by visiting the Natural Resources Canada website.

birchlane windows and door

Benefits of the Grant

With rising concerns about climate change, the federal government has put the Canada Greener Homes Grant into effect to ensure the efficiency of residential buildings, reduce greenhouse emissions, and stimulate the growth of an eco-friendly future. The grant aims to help homeowners save money on high energy bills while battling global climate change. Join hands with us and transform your living spaces today!

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