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Classical empty room interior, The rooms have wooden floors and gray walls ,decorate with white moulding,there are white window looking out to the nature view.

Let there be light.

Are you renovating your fixer-upper, or starting from scratch with a new build? We're happy to help you every step of the way.  Window shopping can be daunting. You will be faced with questions you may have never even considered, like what casing style do you want? Are you looking to include grills in your windows? How about an apron? (isn't an apron something you wear in the kitchen?!). Don't worry. We are here to help guide you in your decision. Birchlane Windows and Doors offers a variety of vinyl windows to match your style, budget and energy efficiency requirements. Our team offers on-site consultations to help provide you with the best solution. We got you covered. Contact us for a free estimate. See below for types offered. Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know!

Vinyl Sliding Windows 

At Birchlane Windows & Doors, we offer sliding windows in three different configurations – single, double butterfly and end vent. These are suitable for walkways, porches, and decks. Our sliding windows include:

View of a single tilt window

Single tilt

View of a single lift out window

Single lift out

View of an end vent window

End vent

View of a double tilt window

Double tilt

View of double lift out window

Double lift out

Vinyl Casement Windows

Casement windows are designed to open without any hindrance while providing complete airflow. They are hinged on the left or right, and are an optimal solution for hard-to-reach areas. We provide the following casement windows:

View of an operable window


View of a fixed window


Vinyl Hung Windows

These windows are available with a single or dual operating sash, sliding along a vertical track to allow thorough ventilation. We provide the following hung windows:

View of a single arch top window

Single arch top

View of a single window


View of a double window


Vinyl Awning Windows

Awning windows run horizontal, hinged at the top and open out from the bottom with a crank handle used for easy operation. Take a look at our awning windows:

View of an awning window


View of a hopper window


Vinyl Curved & Linear Windows

We supply specialty windows available in regular and custom shapes to meet all your specific needs. Check it out:

View of a curved shape window

Curved shape

View of a linear shape window

Linear shape

Vinyl Bay & Bow Windows

We also carry vinyl windows with a series of three, four or more adjoining window units, adding extra space and light to your rooms. Options include:

View of a bow window


View of a bay window


Let us help!

Choose a window solution that meets your vision.

New home with grey siding
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