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roof top patio with open space kitchen, sliding doors and decking on upper floor

Supplying Windows & Doors for Contractors and Home Builders

With 26 years of experience, Birchlane Windows & Doors offers end-to-end solutions for contractors and home builders in The Georgian Triangle, The Blue Mountains, Collingwood and surrounding areas. We offer the following for every project we undertake:


We provide the following:


Whether it is a renovation or new construction, we can come out to the job site and work with you by tossing around ideas and suggestions for what best suits your customer's needs.



We can do customized quotations for your customer or for you. The choice is yours!

Seeing is believing. We can provide you with samples to help inform your customer's decisions.

Buyer chooses door in store. Shop window of doors. A large selection of doors for house
Workman in overalls installing or adjusting plastic windows in the living room at home

Exceptional service

You've decided to go with Birchlane Windows & Doors! Good choice! Here's what we can do for you:

Sometimes, a second set of eyes help when doing exact product measurements or deciding on installation options.

If you require delivery of the products to your shop or work site, we can arrange that at a time that works for you.

We have a service technician on staff for any follow-up work required after installation.

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